Team & services


The SSD team

Pure BIPV enthusiasts

The practice is a team of architects, engineers and solar designers led by JD Steenackers. SSD is able to work on complex solar building skins, dedicated solar structures, as expert in solar glazing or in a team of architects for a contest.

Past experience

JD Steenackers is an Architect and Solar designer since 2004. He had the chance to work on great solar projects around the world such as the French Ministry of Defense in Paris, the European Council in Brussels, the Saint Malo Media Library building, the Brussels Institute for Environment, the Finance Tower, the City of Music, the Great Instance Tribunal of Paris and many more.

Solar building skin design & expertise

Because architectural solar energy will be a question in many projects in the near future, SSD may provide a solar design expertise and an active glazing expertise for building skins and curtain walls. A SSD member may also be included in great teams of engineers or architects. Maybe for a particular architectural contest, for writing the specs or following the work site, but always on the sunny side of the envelope. As BIPV expert, JD Steenackers worked with:

ANMA/Agence Nicolas Michelin, Paris | Architecture Studio, Paris | Shigeru Ban Architects, Paris | JNA/Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris | Wilmotte & Associés, Paris, Nice | Jacques Ferrier Architectures, Paris | DPA/Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris | Architectes Associés, Brussels | Ney + Partners, Brussels | SAI/Samyn et Partners, Brussels | Santiago Calatrava, Architects & Engineers, Zurich.

Solar structures

Solar structure design is a perfect way to introduce elegant renewable energy in the city, where the consumer is. Those structures will cover public spaces, EV parkings, office building entrance or surround existing buildings. The loss factor in long distribution cable ducts is then avoided. Dedicated structures can marry high-tech solar glasses with thin metallic or rough wooden beams, slightly south oriented.

Solar POD

Solar solar POD is a hyper-designed, elegant and independent solar unit. It has an unique format available in several sizes or for customization. It may stand alone in a parc, over a flat roof and even be your summer meeting room. It is delivered completely mounted with a high level of finish, opened on the sides or equiped with sliding doors. It marries hyper thin metallic profiles, wood and clear glazing and XL solar glazing. Simple, iconic, rare.