Botasolar, Brussels - Sunsoak / Ney + partners (Picture by Vacances en Belgique/Tristan Rasson)


Sunsoak Design is an engineering & architecture practice focused on architectural integration of renewable energy in the city, in infrastructures and natural environments.

We think that upscaling the current use of renewable technologies is a priority to meet 2050 goals. Nevertheless, large scale PV or BIPV objects have a massive impact on both built & natural environments. That impact has to be part of a plan. Part of a design. It has to be drawn with architectural sense, and engineered in order to preserve its optimal efficiency. 

Our goal is to preserve nature. Renewable energy has in priority to be decentralized, located where the user is. It means building large scale solar machines in urban contexts, linked to building codes and permitting. Infrastructures between cities have to be equipped prior to natural environment. When a natural environment is the only option, the solar parc has to be designed in a total respect of local landscape, fauna and flora. It should in no case compete with preserved nature, species development or agriculture. 

We design solar structures, solar building skins, join contest teams, provide technology watch, R&D, cost surveys to developers, architects, engineering offices and municipalities as clients.  

We are solar architects & designers.  

Namur Train Station - Ney & Partners / Sunsoak Design
Etterbeek train station contest - AREP / Arcoteam / Ney + partners / Sunsoak / Bassmets
Waterloo Estate, London - Buckley Grey Yeoman / Arup
Botasolar, Brussels - Sunsoak / Ney + partners
CERN Science Gateway Building, Geneva - Renzo Piano Building Workshop / Brodbeck Roulet
BRUSK Museeum, Bruges - Robbrecht en Daem / Olivier Saelens
Anderlecht covered Market, Brussels - Tars / Sunsoak
REW project, Wavre - Abscisse / Sunsoak
John Hopkins University, Baltimore - Renzo Piano Building Workshop / Ayers St Gross
Tours DUO, Paris - Jean Nouvel architects
Elia HQ, Brussels - Architectes Associés / Sunsoak
Place Colette, Paris - arch. Sunsoak design