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The way to solar buildings

Great times for architects: They must reinvent shapes and languages.

Building skins were a shelter to external elements. Today the skin must soak up the energy of those elements.
For many reasons we think it is time for integrating solar energy in the city, at home, structured with architectural reflection and elegance. It is natural for us, as architects, to propose a new practice focused on building integration of those new technologies without forgetting architectural sense and context.

At SSD our challenge is to produce electricity where the consumer is, sharing it, re-learn design reflexes that nature teaches in its constant fight for sun array.
Great times for architects: The society expresses a new need. We build the response.

“The pillars of the Third Industrial Revolution are shifting to renewable energy; transforming the building stock of every continent into green micro–power plants to collect renewable energies on-site” Jeremy Rifkin, The Third Industrial Revolution

“Solar Architecture is not about fashion, it is about survival”, Lord Norman Foster