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20.09.2023 — 7.01.2024

Solar Impulse Foundation – Paris

Addressing the Climate Emergency, it invites the public to explore innovative tech solutions for a greener economy. Visitors discover practical climate solutions across key areas through an interactive exhibition by the Solar Impulse Foundation at Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

03.06.2023 — 29.08.2023

National Building Museum – Washington

Presented by Brussels International and, What’s Already There: Sustainable Architecture from Brussels explores six examples of sustainability-informed architecture. Structures ranging from private residences, to office buildings, to educational centers are presented to the public in three different ways. 


What’s Already There – Washington

What’s Already There projects address global concerns on a local level: climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation. Despite the seismic shift needed in the building industry to operate more sustainably, see how the architects, clients, contractors, and legislators involved in these projects were up for the challenge. 

06.05.2023 — 10.06.2023

Chute 2122, Exhibition – Brussels

From May 6th to June 10th, Tristán Rasson exhibited at Arkose Canal, 52 Green Alley, 1000 Brussels. This exhibition, titled « Chute 2122, » was a photographic journey depicting a dystopian world. One of the standout photographs featured Botasolar.

may 2022

Brussels Shapes the Future – NYC

Brussels is considered a pioneer in sustainable construction and increasingly also in circular
construction thanks to the many regional initiatives in this area.
For more than a decade now, the Brussels construction sector has been able to respond
brilliantly to the self-imposed ambitious standards, which became an inspiration for New-York
to follow. (Passive house standard mandatory in Brussels since 2015 for all new buildings).