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Solar design + consultancy

The SSD team – Pure BIPV enthusiasts

The practice is a team of architects, engineers and solar designers led by JD Steenackers and Laurent Ney. SSD is able to work on dedicated solar structures, solar simulation aspect, complex form finding, urbanism, structural engineering or architectural contests.
  • Past experience

    JD Steenackers is an Architect and Solar designer since 2004. He had the chance to work on great solar projects around the world with teams such as Renzo Piano, Herzog & Demeuron or Jean Nouvel. He founded SUNSOAK design in 2015 with the objective to create an architectural practice based on the solar concept

    Laurent Ney is the founder and administrator of Ney & Partners since 1998. He is a civil engineer and combines practical and theorical knowledge. He has published 3 books on his conceptual approach and is the main project conceptor on design phase.

  • Solar structures

    On solar structure design, SSD will act as a conceptor and on some missions, the architect.

    Solar structures is an elegant way to introduce renewable energy in the city. It will upscale a classic rooftop solar farm by flying over the obstacles. It is totally compatible with existing building. Dedicated structures can marry high-tech solar glazing with metallic or rough wooden beams, slighty south oriented. It will cover public spaces, EV loading stations  or equip existing rooftops.

  • Solar building skin design & expertise

    On solar building skins SSD will act as an engineer or consultant.

    SSD may provide a solar design  expertise  and an active glazing expertise for building skins. A SSD member may be included in  teams of engineers or architects. Maybe for a particular architectural contest, for writing the specs or following the work site, but always on the sunny side of the envelope.

  • Consultancy

    SSD works as architectural solar consultant on research projects, product design, with international laboratories or dedicated industrial actors. Do not hesitate to involve the team in urbanism codes, masterplanning, project ownership assistance or solar project management.
    At SSD we produce a constant technical and regulatory watch on BIPV and solar techniques. This knowledge is to be shared.