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Bois Saint-Jean



The potential project is situated on the following parcels in Manhay, registered under 1399/7M and 2A. However, it will not cover the entire reserved area, with a maximum of 6 hectares dedicated to solar panels. This location is deemed ideal for several reasons: there will be no direct visibility from neighboring residents, it is positioned behind an industrial zone (Parc Industriel, 6960 Manhay), the current use of the parcel is for sheep grazing, the visual impact on the landscape will be limited due to the terrain, making it minimally noticeable, and the parcel has very limited agricultural potential.

Project data

Execution: 2022
Architect: Sunsoak design
Client: Skysun
Site: Bois Saint-Jean 1, 6982 La Roche-en-Ardenne
Status: Delivered