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Bota Solar is a unique project with innovation and sustainability as a starting point. This remarkable canopy generates solar energy and filters the sun rays. It is the culmination of a renovated office building from the seventies. This refurbishment of 2000 sqm will host commercial space with a rooftop terrace. Due to its location along the Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, Rogier square at the junction with the rue Neuve, it will form a new symbolic porch for the city.

The metal structure is formed by two frames that prolong both the facade on Place Rogier as the south facade. The two frames are made up of a steel box with a triangular section and form the structure on which the glass roof solar panels will be suspended. On the side walls a rectangular structure provides a balanced load on the existing load-bearing structure of the building. The three dimensionality of the double U offers different views and perspectives according to the position of the observer. The glass solar panels also provide transparency and a visual lightness of the canopy.

Project data

Study: 2017
Execution: 2019
Architect: Sunsoak design – Ney & Partners
Client: Stephanno Immo – Immo-Pro
Site: Bd du Jardin Botanique 13A, 1000 Bruxelles
Area: 800 m2
Status: Delivered
Budget: 1.800.000€ HTVA
Installed power: 144,06kWc