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Calcaires de la Sambre


A 2.3-hectare agrivoltaic project is under development in Montigny-le-Tilleul on a parcel of land owned by Les Calcaires de la Sambre. This project involves the coexistence of solar panels with livestock farming and is estimated to have a capacity of 2.6 MWc and an annual production of approximately 2,600 MWh, equivalent to the annual consumption of around 700 households. The project aims to promote the development of the pasture by using a « low-tech » agrivoltaic approach with appropriately spaced and elevated solar panels.

Project data

Study: 2023
Architect: Sunsoak design
Client: Skysun
Site: Rue du, Rue Blanc Caillou 1, 6111 Montigny-le-Tilleul
Status: Ongoing