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Cité de la Musique



As the flagship of Île Seguin, the Cité Musicale reconciles the paradox of seamlessly integrating into Jean Nouvel’s urban development project while serving as a distinctive symbol and emblem of the culture of Hauts-de-Seine, making a unique statement.

At the downstream tip, the constructed base gracefully inclines and reveals a woven wooden nest with rounded forms. This distinctive feature stands out from the island’s overall silhouette and asserts its presence. It announces the uniqueness of a prestigious public and cultural program: inside, you catch glimpses of the iridescent shell of the auditorium and the activity within its foyer areas. Adjacent to it, a silvery sail shields it from direct sunlight. This photovoltaic solar sail, always in motion, follows the sun’s path, ensuring optimal energy production.

Project data

Study: 2017
Execution: 2017
Architect: Shigeru Ban Europe
Client: ISSOL sa
Site: La Seine Musicale, Île Seguin, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Area: 36,500 m2
Status: Delivered
Budget: 170,000,000 € HTVA