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John Hopkins University



The SNF Agora Institute Building will serve as the hub for an academic and public forum dedicated to the development, design, and experimentation of innovative approaches aimed at bolstering global civic engagement and fostering inclusive dialogues.

Taking inspiration from the historical Athenian agora, a central gathering space where citizens engaged in open conversations and debates, the institute derives its name. The project’s mission is to both mirror and elevate these objectives.

Situated at the periphery of the Johns Hopkins University campus, the institute will actively bridge connections with the local community, thereby improving accessibility and ease of navigation. This design embodies the institute’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and its willingness to engage with the wider world beyond its walls.

Project data

Execution: 2018 – …
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Ayers St Gross
Client: Renzo Piano BW
Site: Baltimore, MD 21218, États-Unis
Status: Ongoing
Installed power: 101kWp