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ZIN is a multifunctional project spanning approximately 110,000 square meters above ground, comprising 75,000 square meters of office space, 14,000 square meters of residential areas, 16,000 square meters for a hotel, as well as spaces for sports, leisure, hospitality, and retail.

ZIN will be seamlessly integrated into its urban ecosystem and will have an open connection to the city. It stands out as a highly innovative project in terms of its architecture, design, and commitment to environmental sustainability, particularly in achieving near-zero energy consumption and promoting circular practices.

Project data

Study: 2020-2021
Execution: 2024
Architect: Jaspers Eyers 51N4E & L’AUC
Client: Kyotec
Site: Bd Roi Albert II 28, 1000 Bruxelles
Area: 110 000 m2
Total budget: N/a
Status: Ongoing
Images credits: Vacances en Belgique